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About the Forex Trading Market

As you become more familiar with the forex trading market you may notice that other forex firms promote the same features and quite often the same cookie-cutter trading platform. While Global Forex Trading has such standard features as 24-Hour online currency trading 5.5 days a week, commission-free trading (GFT is compensated by revenues from its activities as a currency dealer, including proceeds from buying, selling, converting as well as holding currencies and interest on deposited funds and rollover fees) and regulated FCM status, we feel our currency trading platform and value-added services are what raises the bar for traders who want more features and functionality in the forex market.

Leverage Requirements - *NEW*

As you may already know, new leverage requirements set forth by the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) will take effect at 5:00 pm ET on October 17, 2010. All major currency pairs will have a maximum leverage of 50:1 and all exotic currency pairs will have a maximum leverage of 20:1. See a complete list of currency pairs and corresponding leverage here.

These new leverage requirements will immediately affect customers' accounts margin requirement on any current open position as of 5:00 PM ET on October 17, 2010, as well as any new positions opened after that time.

Liquidation Policy - *NEW*

In addition to the leverage changes, GFT will be modifying its liquidation policy also effective at 5:00 pm ET on October 17, 2010.

Under this policy:

   + Account Equity, which is defined as the total value of the account, must be at or above the required margin in order to maintain positions opened. If Account Equity drops below required margin, your customers will receive a margin call (via email) informing them of this.

   + Once the Account Equity drops below the required margin, accounts will have until 9:00 am GMT to rectify this deficit. (Please note that funds must have cleared and been applied to accounts in order to avoid the liquidation of any open positions at 9:00 am GMT.) If at 9:00 am GMT Accounts Equity is below the required margin, all open positions in their account will be automatically liquidated.

   + If at any time the Account Equity falls to 25% of required margin, all open positions in the account will be automatically liquidated.

An example of how the leverage requirements and liquidation policy will affect a major and an exotic currency pair appear below. These examples are based on the following assumptions:

   + A USD-based account

   + No other open positions

Major Currency Pair

Prior to Change After the Change
100:1 leverage 50:1 leverage
1 lot (100,000) 1 lot (100,000)
Margin requirement: $1,000 Margin requirement: $2,000
If equity falls to $250 (25% of required margin), position is automatically liquidated. If at any point equity falls below $2,000, it must be brought up to $2,000 by 9am GMT or position will be liquidated. If equity falls to $500 (25% of required margin), position is automatically liquidated.

Exotic Currency Pair

Prior to Change After the Change
25:1 leverage 20:1 leverage
1 lot 1 lot
Margin requirement: $4,000 Margin requirement: $5,000
If equity falls to $1,000 (25% of required margin), position is automatically liquidated. If at any point equity falls below $5,000, it must be brought up to $5,000 by 9am GMT or position will be liquidated. If equity falls to $1,250 (25% of required margin), position is automatically liquidated.

If customers' accounts need help determining how much margin they may need based on the new leverage requirements of 50:1 or 20:1, they can access the Initial Margin Calculator in DealBook® 360 by clicking the Initial Margin Calculator option under the View menu.

Steps You Can Take Now

This will affect all customers who hold an account with Global Futures & Forex, Ltd. We recommend that your customers do one or more of the following:

   + Deposit additional funds to cover the new margin requirements on their current open positions and other trades they may make. Deposited funds must be cleared and credited to their account before 9:00 am GMT to avoid liquidation. GFT recommends that they make their deposits before October 14, 2010 to ensure funds will be credited by October 17, 2010 when the new leverage and liquidation changes take effect.

   + Reduce the size of open position(s). For example, if they have an open USD/JPY position of 10 lots, they could close five lots to reduce the amount of margin required.

   + Reduce their lot sizes when they trade. They can make this change on their account by completing a Lot Size Authorization form, available on our website.

If you have any questions regarding this requirement, please feel free to contact GFT by using one of the methods here.

0.8 pip spreads on EUR/USD and USD/JPY markets.

The market-maker offers EUR/USD and USD/JPY at as low as 0.8 pips wide during active forex market sessions. To our knowledge this is one of the best offerings in the retail and even interbank community, 24-hour access 5.5 days a week with spreads as low as 0.8 pips. Spreads are subject to change, view the Market Information Sheet for the most current spread information.

Guaranteed fills up to $20 million on stop-loss and limit orders*

The market-maker, unlike many retail forex companies, plots its tradable prices on the major markets. This allows our clients to see exactly what prices are trading and have traded directly from our dealing desk. What used to be implied is now guaranteed by the market-maker. What you see on the chart, determines if your order is due to fill or not. The market-maker will guarantee that if you see your price trade on our charts you are filled on your order.*

Multiple Currencies Trading Platform

DealBook® 360 supports multiple currencies so forex traders do not need to familiarize themselves with an additional base currency. Currently, this feature supports the Euro, Japanese yen, Australian dollar, Swiss franc, Great Britain pound and Polish Zloty (EUR, JPY, AUD, CHF, GBP and PLN) denominations. DealBook® 360 offers you a more natural setting for determining your profits/losses as well as understanding your account statements.

Managed Forex

Managed forex program makes it possible to receive the same high-quality fund management an institution would receive with an individual account by opening a balance far below the high opening balances institutions require. Until now, individuals who wished to open a managed forex account needed to make huge deposits to obtain professional money management or begin with less money and take a big chance with an inexperienced currency trader who was desperate for new accounts and thus willing to take small accounts.

Free One-On-One Training

It is crucial to have complete knowledge of the forex trading software you use to analyze, manage, and place your trade. While DealBook® 360 is designed to be very easy-to-use, it is prudent for every trader to thoroughly understand the features of their online forex trading platform. To help with this, FREE one-on-one training is provided with licensed forex specialists and expert staff to help you maximize the features of DealBook® 360 and trading the forex market.

More Than 60 Currency Pairs

A world full of forex traders requires many options when trading foreign currency. Through the market-maker's relationships with some of the world's largest banks, any foreign currency pair can be traded at any time. From Euro and Yen to the Polish Zloty and New Zealand Kiwi, the market-maker offers you the flexibility necessary to make the trading decisions you would like, not to mention the tightest spreads on the majors.


With billions in immediate liquidity available through the market-maker's bank-to-bank relationships with some of the world's leading financial institutions, you can be assured that spreads will remain consistent and trades can be executed, regardless of size.

Charting Capabilities

One of the main advantages offered is the charting capabilities of DealBook® 360. Unlike other forex trading platforms, DealBook® 360 plots tradable prices that are traded by the market-maker's dealers giving you more accurate representation of the true forex market. By taking advantage of DealBook® 360 charting, you can analyze the market from the same platform that you place your trades, saving you time, and potentially money while enhancing your ability to react to fast-moving forex markets.

Commentator Analysis

Free daily and weekly commentary on all the major forex markets from leading industry analysts is provided within DealBook® 360. Reputable banks, authors and analysts are being continuously added to provide customers with the best fundamental and technical analysis in the industry. And unlike other market-makers, all of GFT's commentary is provided by third-party contributors allowing us to avoid conflicts of interest between in-house analysts and our functions as a primary market-maker.

Standalone Application

DealBook® 360 is a 32-bit Windows application that is independent from the browser. This proven technology offers improved stability and error handling versus browser-based java trading platforms.

The custom developed online forex trading technology was developed in-house by forex traders for forex traders. Benefit from the expanded functionality of our industry-leading proprietary forex trading software versus the stripped down functionality of "cookie-cutter" trading platforms found all around the industry.

Single-Click Dealing

For many forex traders, speed and accuracy is essential. Our powerful online forex trading platform: DealBook® 360, offers a variety of sophisticated features including single-click dealing.

Wireless Trading

DealBook® FX Mobile connects through your web-enabled cellular telephone, PDA or Windows-based pocket PC to the GFT's live prices. With Mobile Enhanced you can trade forex from anywhere, anytime. Use this proprietary forex trading platform to trade on real-time prices, charts, and gather order history and account statements. Go ahead and compare GFT's wireless platform to any other forex wireless offering.

No Slippage on client orders*

Slippage is often a concern by customers, and it should be, because there are companies in the retail and institutional sector that specialize in precise slippage on stop orders to expand their revenues from clients. Slippage on all stop orders is possible during times when GFT is closed, around fundamental announcements, and times of extreme market volatility. Slippage relates to orders being filled at a price which is worse than the stop price requested by the customer.

* Does not include bad price spikes. Bad price spikes are removed from the price charts quickly to alleviate confusion. Does not apply outside of GFT trading hours or during fundamental announcements.