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Want to look at a currency pair from virtually every angle? Meta Trader 4 by GFT has more than enough features, charting tools, indicators and news to help you trade.

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About GFT Forex Software: Meta Trader 4

Whether you are a fundamental trader or technical trader, a forex beginner or professional forex money manager, Meta Trader 4 is the FX trading platform designed for forex traders by forex traders. Finally, forex traders have access to all of the resources once thought to be only available to the world's largest banks.

Multiple Currencies Trading Platform

Meta Trader 4 supports multiple currencies so forex traders do not need to familiarize themselves with another base currency when trading forex through Cannon. This new MetaTrader 4 feature supports major denominations, including the Euro, Japanese yen, Australian dollar, Swiss franc, Great Britain pound and the Polish Zloty.

Meta Trader 4 offers you a natural setting for determining your real-time profits/losses and understanding your account statements freeing up your time to focus on your forex trading. The new multicurrency feature is one of the many good reasons to trade forex with Cannon.

Visualize the Future of Forex

Traders have the capability to trade visually from an enhanced quoteboard, customizable chart or our exclusive dashboard, which runs in the background so traders can work in other applications. All of the tools traders need are just a right-click away - whether it's a new order, a new chart or a currency pair's most recent price activity.

Take advantage of the advanced forex trading technology by trading directly from the charts. Never move from the information that you use to make your trading decisions.
Monitor your stop/limit, and OCO (order cancels order) orders visually from the forex charts.
Quick and prompt trading with only two clicks directly from the charting interface.
Edit and cancel your orders by simply dragging a particular line to a different price-level on the forex chart with your mouse.
GFT Forex Meta Trader 4 Dashboard gives you a unique and fully customizable navigation tool that allows you to monitor your trades while working in other applications, allowing you to access important functions at the move of the mouse.
Active forex traders can track and manage current working orders at a glance by currency, track open positions, close out existing positions or protect current positions without the worry of common order-entry errors.

Trading Software with Sensible Design

GFT Forex Meta Trader 4 is a forex trading software platform designed for not only the way people trade but also for the ways in which traders think. Studying and listening to traders throughout the world show that people not only trade differently, but also operate software differently.

GFT Forex Meta Trader 4 integrates standard Window's menus built for traders who work better within a traditional "screen environment." Traders can utilize short-cut commands built in for quick access to forex trading tools, studies and technical indicators.
Task bars allow forex traders to switch between important information and workspaces that can be customized to individual trading techniques. Build a workspace for a specific chart or currency pair then switch back and forth with just a one mouse click.
Built-in voice-recognition software allows traders to train GFT Forex Meta Trader 4 to recognize their voice to access critical functionality without a single keystroke.