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Trade the Forex Market, the Currency Futures Market, and the E-Micro Forex Futures Market in one Platform.

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E-Micro FX Library

Forex E-Micro Futures

An online presentation covering benefits, margins, euro and yen examples, contract specs, market size, liquidity, and the safety and security of the E-Micro FX Futures market.

Fundamental Factors Affecting E-Micro FX Futures

An online presentation that goes in depth to the fundamentals of the market.

Technically Trading CME Group E-Micro FX Futures

An online presentation covering the more technical aspects of trading e-micro, including charting, chart patters, daytrading, and more.

CME Group E-quivalents

An online application that compares standard forex to currency futures, including e-micro.

E-Micro Product Launch Video

Derek Sammann, Managing Director of Foreign Exchange Products at the CME Group, discusses the launch of E-Micro FX Futures

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