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Currency Futures Library - CME Electronic Membership

High volume E-Mini and Currency traders may save significantly on exchange fees by enrolling in the CME Electronic Corporate Membership program.

If you are an institution, corporation, or LLC in the United States or overseas, you may be eligible to become a CME Electronic Corporate Member.

CME Electronic Corporate Member Rates

Product Normal Rate Member Rate
E-Mini Equity Index Products $1.14 per side $0.64 per side
Foreign Exchange Products $1.60 per side $0.59 per side

Highlights of Membership Requirements*

  • You trade a minimum average of 50 contracts per day each quarter
  • You are an institution, corporation or LLC
  • Application fee of approximately $2000

For more detailed information, contact our experienced brokers who can provide you with further assistance.

* source: CME Group. This information may be subject to change.